About Us

We are a group of dancers that happen to like doing Ballroom, Latin American, or Sequence Dancing.

We like to feel we have created a friendly atmosphere, and that even those that are just beginning to dance, do not feel intimidated.

The Beginning

The Club was originally formed in 2003, under the name of “The Cotswold Social Dance Club”, operating in many areas around the Witney area.

Dances were held in various venues around Witney, Rugby, Banbury, Lechlade and Oxford, on a regular basis.

Club Reborn

In 2016 it was decided to re-establish the club, and was reincarnated as “The Wessex Downs Social Dance Club”.

The Clubs Needs

The idea behind the club is to provide suitable places, for people to come and practice dancing, or simply to just come and socialise.

As dancers ourselves, we found that there would be one weekend when there were several dances on, and you had to choose where to go; whilst the following two weekends there were no dances on at all, that were suitable.

We re-started by running a dance in Wantage, which was well attended.

We now also run regular dances in Wantage, Grove, Banbury, and Cricklade, with the possibility of more venues being added.

We are conscious that “Without Music There is No Dance” and without the correct type of music it is very difficult to dance properly.

At all the venues we operate therefore, only music suitable for dancing, is played.

Non Profit making

Although we operate as a club, and a non-profit making organisation, our dances are open to everyone.

All ages and abilities are welcome, and we invite newcomers to enroll as members, and at the current time no membership fee is being charged.

Although we may have some members only exclusive events in the future.

We currently have in the region of 95 members.